14/02/2022 10:56

Now there is a deburring machine that has produced in Turkey.

TFON MACHINE is one of the most important parts of the development strategy that contributes to the innovative growth of its parent company, TELEFONCULAR GROUP. The product, which emerged as a result of a 2-year study of the R&D department, made rapid progress in the first quarter of 2020 and took its place in the sector as part of a large investment program.

TFON MACHINE has made its importance felt even at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic and in the times when works and workers are most needed.

The machine, which has variety of deburring functions with its optional features, provides service to its users with a single-station TF-R model in cases where only edge rounding is required, with a 2-station TF-RB model for removing normal burrs after hot cutting processes, and with a 3-station TF-RBC model in very heavy burrs.

These machines are produced in a quality that can adapt to 8-9 hours of working hours per day within the framework of TFON MACHINE reliability. In addition, TFON MACHINE provides significant time savings with its ease of use advantage.

In the machine that is not difficult to use, the work requiring more people to be completed can be done with a single operator with this machine by means of short-term training, and the work can be performed 30% faster and more reliably than the work done manually by a single person. On the other hand, thanks to TFON MACHINE, employees will be exposed to less risk and the production safety will increase.

The dust suction unit integrated with the machine provides clean work areas. As well as the machining parameters can be selected manually with the "manual mode", automatic selection can be made with the "automatic mode" commands depending on various materials in different grades (wear group, HSLA, stainless, aluminium, etc.) to work with optimum performance. TFON MACHINE is the biggest assistant of an enterprise by reducing energy, labour and time costs in continuous use. Thanks to TFON MACHINE, which takes its place in the developing technology, deburring operations will become much easier.

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