14/02/2022 10:56

TFON Machinery Is On The Way To Become A World Brand In The Metal Processing Machinery Sector

Established in 2019 as part of Telefoncular Group, TFON Makine continues to grow with firm steps towards becoming a world brand with our investment, production and employment strategy in the sector, and the added values ​​we bring to our economy with our domestic and national production.

“Our new product, which we introduced to the sector, attracts great attention both at home and abroad”

Telephone Group, which has been serving in the metal working sector for 45 years, has stepped into the metal working machinery sector in order to clean the burrs after flame cutting, which is one of the biggest problems encountered in the sector, to prevent the rounding of sharp edges and straightening problems. For this, TFON Machinery was established in our organization in 2019. The machines we produce with our expert staff in our factory with a closed area of ​​15 thousand square meters have attracted great attention in a short time at home and abroad.

All countries are experiencing the negative effects of the political, military and economic fights of the powers that fight for dominance over the world on the world economy. It is a fact that every country is more or less affected by this situation in terms of economic investment, production and marketing. In this period, we have mobilized all our means to contribute to our national economy with our investment, production and employment strategy. Seeing the positive results of our investments and efforts in our sector, which is among the strategic sectors with high added value in terms of production, we continue to grow with confident steps towards becoming a world brand with the added values ​​we bring to our economy. We are very happy to do so. We have test reports of our machines that get full marks from universities, and at the same time, we have registered their conformity with world and Turkish standards by obtaining domestic production and CE certificates.

Since the day it was founded, we have been producing solutions to the problems of the metal industry with its eye-catching designs, expert team and quality. TFON Machinery Inc. Deburring & Straightening & Stress Relief machine minimizes the time lost in production. With the self-confidence of contributing to a better quality production and service understanding, we are taking firm steps towards becoming the leader of the sector. Due to the high demand we receive from domestic and abroad for our domestic and national production machines, which are also approved by our universities, we have started to work for new investments and employment areas as soon as possible.”