HR Policy

We aim to be a preferred, reliable and sought-after company in our sector by offering products and services that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers in full, on time and in accordance with globalizing world standards, and bring customer satisfaction to the highest possible levels. And in line this purpose, WE FURTHER UNDERTAKE TO
⦁ Continuously improve product and process quality,
⦁ Make the deliveries on-time in-full,
⦁ Make all possible improvements in product costs,
⦁ Encourage our suppliers to join us in the areas of quality, environment, occupational health and safety that we aim to improve continuously,
⦁ Prevent nonconformities that may arise later by producing the most appropriate, most accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way,
⦁ Comply with all environmental regulations and other requirements while performing our activities,
⦁ Continu ously improve our environmental performance by increasing the environmental awareness of our employees,
⦁ Within the framework of Quality and Environmental Systems, continuously raise the awareness of quality and environmental issues by attaching importance to all the training, activities and teamwork necessary for all employees to become more competent and capable of using their skills at the highest level,
⦁ Continuously improve activities related to Occupational Health and Safety,
⦁ Comply with the standards stipulated by the current occupational health and safety legislations,
⦁ Create our quality policy by considering provision of all the necessary means and equipment to increase the personal development and success levels of our employees as our indispensable principles.